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Bolted Joint Technologies JIP

Project Status: Concept Definition and Participant Search

There are a number of different technologies available that claim or are thought to improve bolted flanged joint integrity. Most of these technologies have been available for a while, but have not gained significant usage. However, their use is recommended or questioned on a regular basis. There are presently no industry guidelines as to whether the technologies in question improve or reduce integrity and what the economics are of their usage by comparison to other technology. The goal of this project will be to provide such guidance based on independent test results. The key to this project will be the definition of tests to ensure that all aspects of joint operation are considered when assessing and comparing each technology.

The technologies to be considered include:

  • Belleville Washers
  • Load Indicating Washers
  • Hydraulic Nuts
  • Load Indicating Bolts
  • Multi-Jack Bolt Nuts
  • Ultrasonic Elongation Measurement
  • Manual Elongation Measurement

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