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Materials Engineering

IES applies its practical knowledge and experience, across a broad range of operating environments, to determine cost-effective and fit for purpose material solutions, including the application of materials to engineering design, fabrication and the ongoing management of material operational behaviour and equipment fitness-for-service. When combining engineering and process knowledge to optimise the application of materials and managing their integrity over their operational life, IES can: 

  • Perform materials selection studies.
  • Provide technical support in the manufacturing of materials and QA/QC oversight i.e., plate, linepipe, forgings etc.
  • Provide technical support in the fabrication, welding and QA/QC of equipment.
  • Perform failure and root cause analyses.
  • Analyse fitness for service and remnant life associated with degrading materials.
  • Conduct testing program design and provide support for materials testing and trials.
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