Ensuring the integrity of fixed equipment and operating with professional integrity


Acquiring and applying advanced engineering knowledge to realize safe operation


We listen to clients needs and solve their problems using the most practical methods possible 

Company Vision and Values

Integrity Engineering Solutions is a company by engineers for engineers. Our vision is to be the chosen employer of the most talented individuals and to parlay their practical experience and technical knowledge into a company that delivers world leading, practical solutions to any problem that industry needs solved.

Our values are conveyed from our name to our actions:

  • Integrity; is who we are. We build company and client trust though respect, understanding and communication
  • People; are our greatest asset. We act to ensure their happiness and success by providing a healthy and rewarding work environment
  • Knowledge; is our strength. We strive to continually improve industry knowledge in the field of fixed equipment integrity
  • Health, Safety & Environment (HSE); is what we do. We act to ensure our solutions and actions hold HSE of paramount importance
  • Quality; is key to our success. We endeavour to deliver excellence in all that we do
  • Sustainability; is our responsibility. We consider the business, society, environment and the future in everything we do
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