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Toolbox Preview : Forum

The Integrity Engineering Solutions Toolbox Community Forum is designed to help make life easier for everyone. The forum is moderated and posted questions are answered by both Integrity Engineering Solutions and other end users. It enables discussion on current topics and guides IES on continual improvement of the services offered to users, including updates to the reference library and tools sections. It is the only place to go to find out the real deal on new and emerging or "cure all" technologies or trends.

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Forum Topics Include:



Toolbox Support:

  •  Toolbox Improvement Requests
  • Training Support or Questions
  • Software Support or Questions


Bolted Joints:

  • Gasket Selection & User Experience
  • Joint Assembly
  • Joint Design
  • Joint Failure Experience


 Fitness for Service:

  • Guidance & User Experience
  • FFS Method Limitations
  • Advanced Analysis (FEA)
  • Inspection & Monitoring


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