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Engineering Toolbox - Why Paid?

The members' only section of the Toolbox has an annual subscription fee associated with it. The subscription fee is comparable to the annual subscription charges for a technical journal. This approach provides several advantages:

  • The toolbox contains many more useful tools than a journal.
  • The membership fee ensures that only those who are serious about equipment integrity join. This means that our Members' Forum can maintain a much higher level of quality than a forum that is open to everyone.
  • It partially compensates IES for the effort that goes into providing the input for the reference library and the members' forum.
  • We are able to offer to compensate industry leaders for writing articles for our reference library.

Plus, if you invest in either our training or software products, then the Toolbox members' annual subscription fee is waived for the period of your use of those products. This enables us to provide the best available support system for our training and software and enables the software users to interact and give feedback via the members' forum. We consider it a win-win for everyone and hope to create a dynamic user community where everyone benefits.

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