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Bolted Flanged Joint Assembly

Dr. Warren Brown, Principal Engineer at IES, was the principal author for a significant portion of the additional work in ASME PCC-1-2010, including:

  • Appendix D “Guidelines for Allowable Gasket Contact Surface Flatness and Imperfections”
  • Appendix F “Alternatives to the Legacy Tightening Sequence/Pattern”
  • Appendix O “Assembly Bolt Stress Determination”.

and, in addition, the soon to be released accreditation and certification program for bolted joint assemblers:

  • Appendix A “Qualification of Joint Assemblers”

Having pioneered the development and standardization of improved assembly procedures, IES are uniquely placed to assist in selecting the most appropriate assembly method & procedure for your application.

We offer bolted flanged joint assembly consultation and procedures either as a "per-item" consulting service or we can work with you to integrate our approach into your current site practices.

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