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Bolted Joint Prioritization

Bolted joint assembly technology ranges from simple hand tools to hydraulic assembly tools with bolt elongation verification. There is a difference in the obtained accuracy of bolt load, but there is also a significant difference in the cost. Sites that have tried 100% hydraulic tensioning to eliminate leakage have not only wasted money, but also found the approach to be entirely impractical. There is a happy medium between cost and integrity that employs only the necessary level of technology.

One of the hardest questions to answer, is what is the most fit-for-purpose application of technology to eliminate joint leakage for a particular application. With our joint assessment program, we quantify the level of risk on a per-joint basis, enabling the appropriate prioritization of assembly effort for the elimination of leakage or selection of sealing technology. This allows the introduction of improved assembly and sealing technology on a phased basis, with the highest risk joints tackled first, offering the greatest chance of success and the highest return on investment.

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