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Bolted Flanged Joint Design

Bolted Joint design in much of the world has not changed in over 50 years. It is testament to the excellent work performed by the original developers that it has stood the test of time. However, even they envisaged that there should be improvements to the method. Unfortunately, recent code developments have had little impact on achieving integrity improvements. Please see our free short courses on flange leakage and design in our Engineering Toolbox for more information on this subject.

At IES, we believe that we have "cracked the code" and developed a world-leading bolted flanged joint design method, associated design specification and design software that goes over and above any pressure vessel code requirements for flange design. The approach is based on sound engineering principles and will ensure a robust and leak-free design for new equipment joints.

We offer bolted flanged joint design either as a "per-item" consulting service or we can work with you to integrate the approach into your current site practices.

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