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Weld misalignment/shell distortion

Weld misalignment and localized shell distortion can have a significant impact on equipment operating stress levels. The effect is most significant for vessels in creep or fatigue service. General shell distortion tends not to be as severe and present Level 2 FFS methods and design code guidelines are inclined to be overly conservative in their interpretation of what is acceptable. A Level 3 FFS will, in general, easily prove acceptability of general deformation.

Fully assessing weld misalignment and shell distortion can be more complicated than is often thought. It is important to ensure that other factors, such as fatigue, brittle fracture, creep and buckling are considered in addition to the impact of the damage on operational stress levels. At IES, we can offer the full range of analyses required in order to ensure your equipment is appropriately and fully assessed.

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