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ETB Training - Course Comparison

 The goal of Integrity Engineering Solutions training is to provide industry leading, practical training that can be applied in the field immediately.

Our training programs are the only ones that follow the full life-cycle of equipment. This is done so that you get an understanding of how one decision will impact other parts of the equipment life-cycle. By not focusing on only design, or only assembly, everything is tied together and the relevant importance of each learning point becomes apparent.

We don't simply follow a code or guideline (we figure you can probably already read), even though we wrote some of them.

We only provide you with information that is relevant and practical. In other words, we distill the information down into what you really need to know to get by. We’d rather you get to the end of the program and say “Wow, that was great!” rather than, “Wow, that was 5 days of my life I won’t get back!”

With the holistic training approach, it is our goal to space out the learning experience so that you can absorb, build on concepts and try out the techniques as you go along. By providing spreadsheets and practical guidance, you come out of each stage of the course ready to apply the information you just learnt.

The combination of over 12 hours of online modules (allowing self-paced learning) and either eight one-hour online tutorials (online version) or 16 hours of in-person instruction and tutorials (for on-site courses) offer you the best chance to absorb the material.

But the biggest difference is of course – why learn from others, when you can learn straight from the horses-mouth! We’ve spent the last 20 years advancing technology and perfecting the techniques currently considered leading edge in bolted joints. The information presented in the training modules is packed with practical industry leading information.

You’ll find no better out there, that’s our guarantee!

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