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ETB Training - Reviews

We've only just started rolling out our newly designed bolted joint training program, but already the reviews have been outstanding!

Course Feedback:

100% of the attendees have reported that the training can be applied to their jobs right now and will improve joint integrity.

Reliability Engineer - "Great course, highly recommend to others, particularly piping / mechanical engineers."

Lead Integrity Engineer - "The information put together for this course on BFJ integrity is the best I have seen on the topic. It goes well beyond assembly methods and traditional treatise on BFJ like ASME S8D1 design and actually discusses optimizing (i.e.: maximizing) bolt assembly loads, considering gasket, flange and bolt limits, joint relaxation and assembly short comings. Not only will engineering personnel gain a lot on the discussion of the background of assembly practices, but there is an enlightening discussion on best and worst practices as well. And this is just the reading material! The dialogue and experiences of attendees and the insight of Dr Brown makes this truly a great learning experience."

Maintenance Engineer - "Dr. Brown is a very knowledgeable and down to earth instructor." 

Turnaround Co-ordintator - "Warren's Bolted Joint Training has the unique combination of understanding what happens in the field, and the theory of bolted flanges. This helps to prioritize where we should focus efforts to easily solve most leaking flange problems."

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