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ETB Training - Skills Assessment

 Integrity Engineering Solutions training courses are aimed primarily at experienced plant maintenance and equipment design engineers. However, since our approach is based on the complete joint life-cycle, there are portions that apply to other individuals as well, in addition to being suitable for basic training of less experienced engineers and maintenance personnel.

The goal is to provide practical training that can immediately be used in the field by the trainee.

The below traing matrix contains suggested modules of particular interest, based on your current or future job description. 

If you would like to discuss a custom training course or site procedures & specifications and associated training, then please contact us to discuss.


PMM = Plant Maintenance Manager
OPS = Operations Personnel
PMS = Plant Maintenance Supervisor
EDE = Equipment Design Engineer
PME = Plant Maintenance Engineer

BFJ1 -  Leak-Free Operation X X X X X
BFJ2 - ASME PCC-1-2010 X   X X X
BFJ3 - Flange Design Codes       X X
BFJ4 - Specs & Procedures X X X X X
Intermediate Level          
BFJ5 - Prioritization X X X X X
BFJ6 -  Joint Terminology   X X X X
BFJ7 -  Gasket Selection     X X X
BFJ8 -  Material Selection     X X X
BFJ9 - Joint Assembly     X X X
BFJ10 - Best & Worst Practices X X X X X
BFJ11 - Flange Design       X X
BFJ12 - Effects of Pressure     X X X
BFJ13 - Effects of Temperature     X X X
BFJ14 - Specs & Procedures     X X X
BFJ15 - Nut Factors     X X X
BFJ16 - RTJ Joints     X X X
BFJ17 - Clamped Connectors     X X X
BFJ18 - Leakage     X X X
Advanced Level  PMM OPS  PMS EDE PMM
BFJ19 -  Design Optimization       X  
BFJ20 -  Pressure & Thermal II       X X
BFJ21 - Joint Component Limits       X X
BFJ22 - Bolt Load Selection       X X
BFJ23 - Piping Moments       X X
BFJ24 - Creep/Relaxation       X X
BFJ25 - Troubleshooting         X
BFJ26 - FEA on Joints       X  
BFJ27 - Flange Maintenance     X  
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